Updated December 04, 2019

MRP G2 Chain Guide - 36-40 Tooth ISCG Fitting With Polycarbonate Guides

Chain Devices - Bash Rings

This is the MRP G2 Chain Guide - 36-40 Tooth ISCG Fitting with Polycarbonate Guides- Developed by request from OEM customers, the G2 Steel uses the same polycarbonate parts from the existing G2 Alloy series and combines them with a steel backplate in order to offer a lower price point that performs exactly the same as the top-end alloy guides- MRP's plan is to offer the G2 Steel in ISCG and ISCG-05 models, but not with BB-mount- You will see this guide specified on several global bike brands for the 2011 model year- All the performance of their proven G2 line with a stamped steel backplate- Integrated, replaceable skid plate reduces rotating weight without sacrificing protection-..... (more)

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