Updated July 05, 2020

Beaverdale - Chardonnay 6 Bottle - Beaverdale

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Makes 4.5L (6 Bottles equivalent) ChardonnayFragrant and crisp wines derived from Chardonnay are rich and well balanced with wonderful body and finesse and a lingering after taste. Sweetness: Dry Oak: Light Approx ABV 11%House of Beaverdale is a pure grape concentrate of such high quality that it allows people to produce fine wines in their own homes, in a range of wines to rival those produced professionally in the Chateaux of the worlds greatest wine producing regions. In order to achieve this we use single grape, or grapes from an area like Rioja. These come from all over the world, and represent some of the finest grape varieties. The grapes are carefully balanced with sugars to maintain the very highest standards of consistency and quality. Like all grape wines, the House of Beaverdale will improve with keeping, but we firmly believe that even within a week of the wine being finished, you will be absolutely delighted with the taste. If, however, a few bottles from each batch can be laid down, they will have a chance to mature perfectly. The six bottle size has one and a half litres of concentrate, the 30 bottle size has seven and a half litres of concentrate. All have yeast, stabiliser and finings and are perfect for a beginner who is looking for quality wine...... (more)

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